Hallway Heroes is a Comal ISD program, much like Watch D.O.G.S, that encourages parents, relatives and community members to serves as positive role models on campus, while also being an extra set of eyes and ears to enhance school safety. Hallway Heroes aims to engage anyone who is interested in volunteering. 

You must be approved by the district as a volunteer before you can get started. Please complete our Online Volunteer Background Check Form at least two weeks prior to the event or date needed to volunteer.

What do Hallway Heroes do?

As a Hallway Hero, you might:

  • Engage and talk with students throughout the campus
  • Serve as a mentor for a small group of students
  • Interact with students during special classes and social times throughout the day
  • Provide support during campus-wide events
  • Support the arrival/dismissal process
  • Provide an extra set of eyes to inspect gates and doors to ensure they are functioning properly
  • Conduct safety assessments of the campus and report findings to administration
  • Share your experiences and/or career with students who might be interest in these areas
  • Provide support for after-school/evening activites

Who can volunteer as a Hallway Hero?

Anyone can volunteer to be a Hallway Hero. Parents, relatives and community members. 

How to Join

This program is overseen by a Hallway Hero who partners with the school administrator to coordinate scheduling and identify opportunities for Hallway Heroes to provide assistance at the school. Andrew Adams , indianspringshallwayheroes@gmail.com, is who you can contact for questions and to schedule your time! Does your company require service hours?? What a great way to earn them.

Find more information on our Hallway Heroes page.